A quick and super messy Thank you sketch for all my followers. Sure, Erik does not care, but as I am glad and thankful that You like and follow my work, a little thank you and welcome to my new followers!

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A little warm up sketch that evolved into a bigger warm up sketch. I directly worked with fineliners and my ink brush pen, without any penciling. I just added some watercolour for the background. 

And it’s  just my depiction of little modern-day Erik crying his eyes out to his only friend, a tame fox going by the very easy name “Monsieur Renard” (Mister Fox). The title is a slight reference to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Le petit prince” where the little prince encounters a fox too. 

sherbetfox said: You create amazing art my dear! xx

Thank you very much!! :D 

And that’s how the #drawing looks complete and with #watercolours slapped onto it.

I like to think of Erik as a person who takes great care in their fashion and appearance, as he lacks simply natural beauty. So he looks careful after his clothes and his posture. I have seen plenty of people wearing beautiful fasion but really having a very sloppy posture. In all fairness, I can’t rule out that I fall in the same trap. :D

And another work in progress. Time to put a bit of colour on one or the other drawing when I gett around in between my main jobs. And time to get some pages done. :) 

A little ink-sketch of Luna, the photographer and Erik’s flat mate in my modern day version of the Phantom of the Opera. I imagine her as a fan of more classical movies with the stars like Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood and Sophia Loren. And I think that she likes to cloth herself more in the fashion of the early/mid 60s. 

Quick late night sketch while I am insomniac myself and watch MST3K. The cats are not to blame for Erik’s insomnia, they are just taking advantage of the situation when their servant is awake anyways.

And I have the idea in my mind that Erik’s unkempt hair can take a life form of itself.

Weird or downright depressing sentences from my French course on Duolingo. Today the Erik-Edition with, “est-il laid?” (Is he ugly?), “oui, il est laid.” (Yes, he is ugly.) I can’t help but turning everything related to ugliness into an Erik-thing :]

Just a quick sketch of a drawing I tried my hands on recently. Sometimes I tend to overwork parts and mess everything up. When I just make an easy sketch, everything turns out far better than in a planned drawing. Maybe I tend to overthink the things too much.

And now I want to thank you everyone for mentioning my little production in their list of interesting and follow-worthy phantom-related blogs. :)