A phantommy #inktober entry. Before I colour it with watercolours I wanted to preserve the black and white drawing for later use as a print for my shop. The drawing shows Erik in part of his Red Death-costume. And yes it is a neck corset.

I am preparing a little something for my Society6-Store. As even after 10 years this is still one of my most popular art pieces, I thought you might appreciate this. :) Now, I am feeling sort of old. o.O

I am still stocking my new Society6 store. And this time with some phantommy goodness. More to come soon.

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Today, I make a little non-phantomy advertisement. Okay, it won’t stay non-phantomy, as I wanted to let You know, that I have now a Society6 store and beside this lovely Jack Lantern there will be some Phanworks too. So, stay tuned and I’ll inform You about upcoming prints and other neat products. :)


A new little something from actualphanpicquotes. But actually even for today such a Steampunk-Rocket Horse would be really neat. But back then most likely it would have been the only possibility to leave France within six hours. I think with the transportation possibilites like carriages and steam train it would have taken at least 6 hours to get to the rural parts around Paris. Even today it takes with ICE and TGV at least 5 hours and 10 minutes to get from Cologne Central Railway Station, Germany to Paris Gare de l’Est. From Cologne to Paris Gare du Nord, it would take about 3 hours and 15 minutes. With the Thalys, an express train. Not an old steam engine.

I want to take this ride one day. *_* But taking a ride on a Steam Punk Rocket Horse would be really neat. 

So, I blog yesterday’s entry again and today’s. I am not so happy with the display of pictures in reblogs. But I sourced the quotes. You can find this and all other hilarious quotes on http://actualphanphicquotes.tumblr.com. And again, it is not my intend to mock the authors, but let’s face it: The quotes are genuinely funny. And I appreciate this. They are not great literature, but they still entertain me. Otherwise I wouldn’t sit down and make little drawings and write down the quotes. 

And alone Christine’s really pissed off expression was worth the work. Thank you very much to the authors for the fun I had (even if unintentional). As said yesterday, I am glad that I hadn’t internet access to blurt out my teenage and early adulthood nonsense. 

He loved her like only a pigeon would.

an actual quote from an actual phanphic (via actualphanphicquotes)


I just couldn’t resist. And I want to make clear, that I do not want to mock the author themselves. It is just a really cute and funny quote. And moments like this remind me that I am quite lucky that I haven’t had internet access to blurt out my own nonsense. :D 

And if it is some sort of solace, there are published books out there with far more hysterical quotes. I allways wanted to do a blog to illustrate this sort of professional nonsense.

But the question for me was really: So, Erik is running after Christine with his neck all poofed up and making weird sounds?….. This is kind of faithful to the original if You ask me. 

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The outcome of a little chat with muirin007 about obviously by swans traumatised professors and murderous swans. And as it is late night were I live at the moment, I ended up with this idea. And the later it gets, the more plausible I think the idea is.

I mean, Erik has in one version been brought up by rats. No need to discuss this in more detail. And his fucked up love life……Okay, so a murderous pet swan with the name “Siren” is super plausible compared to “I stuff my pants with my little furry friends”-Erik….*coughcoughcough* Yep, it’s this time of the night. 





A little warm up sketch that evolved into a bigger warm up sketch. I directly worked with fineliners and my ink brush pen, without any penciling. I just added some watercolour for the background. 

And it’s  just my depiction of little modern-day Erik crying his eyes out to his only friend, a tame fox going by the very easy name “Monsieur Renard” (Mister Fox). The title is a slight reference to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Le petit prince” where the little prince encounters a fox too. 

I was not ready for that crossover. But I’m fine… well, quite fine…

No, it is not a crossover. I just made a reference to the title of “Le petit prince”, but it is not meant to be a complete crossover story of “Phantom of the Opera” and “Le petit prince”. :)

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A quick and super messy Thank you sketch for all my followers. Sure, Erik does not care, but as I am glad and thankful that You like and follow my work, a little thank you and welcome to my new followers!