Today rolled this photo of the moa foot with the caption that claimed it is a dinosaur foot over my tumblr dashboard. And I am not only a Phantom-Geek but also a gigantic animal geek. But I didn’t want to reblog it on my tumblr with the explanation, as it has nothing to do with Phantom of the Opera or my webcomic project. And I want to keep my tumblr as an art blog. And opening a second tumblr to set the facts straight was a bit overblown. 

So I just put the three things, animal geekery, Phantom of the Opera and comic together. And that’s the result.

Sources of the photos of the dino-mummies & further informations about the moa:

The Upland Moa is the particular moa whose foot is featured in the photo as a dino-foot. There is even a mummified head of the Upland Moa. As the other moa species only remained in form of bones and eggs, this is really amazing. 

And here something about dinosaurs and birds:

Animal geekery end! :D


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